Baby's First Easter Basket

I had so much fun putting together E’s first Easter basket! I ordered her PRECIOUS Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids. I ordered it when they were having a sale! They have lots of cute baskets to choose from. What do you put in a basket for a newborn baby you ask? Let me show you!

1. The Baby Bum Brush: We have the full size already, but of course I needed the mini too for her diaper bag! You can get them together HERE and save some $$$! 
2. Jesus Loves Me Always Book: I came across this precious book at Hallmark! Yes, Hallmark the greeting card store! You can get it HERE from Amazon too! It is such a sweet book!
3. A stuffed pink bunny: Because duh! If you are looking for a more interactive (and not pink) bunny, E also has this one and she LOVES it! It sings and moves. SO cute!
4. Baby Animals Bath Book: It will be a while before E can really handle her board books. I love bath books because they are squishy and water proof. I know she will love putting this in her mouth and playing with it in the bath when she gets a little older. This whole set is a perfect gift too!
5. A bunny rattle: This rattle is so soft and sweet for even the tiniest baby! It comes in other colors too! 
6. A fun toy: Do y'all remember the bumble ball? I remember loving that thing as a kid! Well apparently, they don't have those exact ones anymore, but this is the replacement. It's in the bottom of E's basket! I think she will enjoy watching it move! 
7. Oogie Bear: So this was suppose to be in the basket, but I already had to bust it out and use it! Why didn't I think of inventing this? 

Here are a few other fun ideas for newborns too:

Looking for an Easter craft to do with a little one? Check out this adorable footprint craft! What about elementary kids? Check out this fun writing and craft.


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