Visualizing with Poetry Freebie

We have officially kicked off our poetry unit! I start this unit by teaching my students how to visualize and it's just so FUN! 

I use this response sheet for students to visualize eight poems that I read aloud over the course of a few days. I just choose eight fun poems that my students will be able to relate to or visualize. I love using poems by my favorite poet and from this book, but any poems are great! During the activity, students don't show anyone their visualization, but we love sharing later! I hope you can use this free activity with your students! Head to my TPT store to download it now. Be sure to follow my store while you are there! Also, April is only a day away! Are you ready? I've got you covered HERE.


Spring Break in Charleston

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and it also makes me a sad teacher! Every once in a while I like doing a non-teaching related post because we all need a little break! I had the most amazing Spring Break trip to Charleston and I wanted to share all of the details with you!  Trust me, you will be wanting to plan a trip to Charlestons soon!

We stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton in the Historic District and loved that everything was within walking distance! The location was perfect and the hotel was very nice. 

The first thing I had to see was the Pineapple Fountain!

The sight seeing around the city was just amazing!

Let's be honest here, the majority of our trip was planned around food! Charleston has SO many amazing restaurants! 

I think my favorite meal of the entire trip was Sunday Brunch at High Cotton. I ordered the french toast and I believe it's was the best meal of my entire life. Really!

We had amazing seafood at Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar. 

My husband's favorite restaurant of the trip was Hank's Seafood. 

We absolutely loved Husk too! Look how cute it is!

I can't forget Kaminsky's Dessert Cafe either! It's a tiny little place with exposed brick (LOVE!) that only serves dessert and drinks...count me in!

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit was a fun stop too!

I highly recommend making restaurant reservations far in advance! : ) 

Unfortunately, we didn't hit the best weather in Charleston. We made the best of it and rented a car to do some additional sight seeing! We visited the Middleton Place after it was recommended by a local and it was just breathtaking! It was about a 25 minute from downtown Charleston, but SO worth it! 

The azaleas were in full bloom and just beautiful. 

We took hundreds of pictures here! 

We also drove to Savannah....

Hilton Head...

Folly Beach...

Sulllivan Island...

Shem Creek...

I also LOVE to read when I travel/ it's the only time I ever have to read.  I absolutely loved this book. I was also really proud of myself for actually PRINTING the pictures from our trip! I order pictures HERE. They have the best prices and sales!

I hope your Spring Break was amazing too!


Hats Off to Adjectives!

Some how my annual Adjective Fashion Show snuck up on me this year! Happens to the best of us...

We had a GREAT time with it last year! You can read all about it HERE. This year one of my teammates had a great idea, A HAT PARADE! Did you know that Dr. Seuss collected hats? His hat collection served as as source of inspiration for his writing. Really! Check this out! A hat parade was the perfect way to review adjectives and it also fit into our Dr. Seuss Week! Simply, send a note to your parents asking them to help their child to create or decorate a hat they already own and have their child wear it to school one day; maybe a Friday! ; ) Or, You could even send a sentence strip home and challenge your students to create a hat with that. Here are a few hats that my students wore:

Roll out some red butcher paper and you are ready for a hat parade! Or if your school has a stage, use that! I created these printables to go with this activity.

On the front page, students described and drew their own hat. On the back students, wrote adjectives using their friend's hats. 

Download these activities FREE HERE. Be sure to sign up for my email list too! These would have been in your inbox a few weeks ago! ; ) 

Getting Ahead of the Game: April Edition

It's beginning to feel like SPRING! I am on Spring Break this week and loving every second of it! It's hard to believe that we have less than three months of school left! Let me help make April a breeze!

Here are 5 tips to start your April planning and prep!
This post contains affiliate links. 

I sort of have an addiction to plastic Easter eggs. They are so cute and so cheap, I just can't resist them! The kids LOVE them though and they add instant engagement. I have cupcake shaped eggs, bunny eggs, chicken eggs and I'm dying to add these to my collection. How do I use them?

I put coins in them...
(Check this activity out HERE.)

I use them for word word activities and sentence scrambles...

This freebie has been downloaded over 15,000 times! It's a perfect station for little ones. Grab it HERE.

I write mixed up words on them...
Save the cartons too! Students use the eggs in the back and make that amount with coins and put the coins in the carton. 

It's also a great time to teach about animals that come from EGGS! 

Check out an entire post about hatching chicks HERE. 

Check out this Chick Labeling Craft for FREE HERE. 

I love studying plants in the spring! By planning ahead, you can ask parents to help provide the needed supplies or talk a local plant nursery into donating to your classroom!

This plant labeling page is another easy addition to a science journal!

I'm also dying to try this little sprout house idea from The Stem Laboratory.  You can buy packs of sponges pretty cheap HERE or try asking parents to donate! The Dollar Store also carries packs of them cheap!

Earth Day sneaks up on me every single year! I have already ordered some of these great books to use the week of Earth Day:

Click any picture to order! The Lorax is a perfect book to read. I made this hallways display using butcher paper and tissue paper poms. 

You could also dress like the Lorax if you are feeling extra Dr. Seuss-ey. 

I love making these photo albums for my students as end of the year gifts! I start printing pictures as early as possible so I can look for the best deals! Also, it gives me plenty of time if there are students I need to snap more pictures of! 

Snapfish is the best place to order pictures from! They have the best prices and always great deals! They are helping you to get ahead of the game too with this special deal, just click below and use the code! : )

60% Off at Snapfish! Use code 60SITEAF (valid March 19 - 23)

This really is the secret yall! Take a little time to think about what you will be teaching in the next few weeks and start preparing. Here are a few activities that will be happening in my room:

As stated above, we will totally be EGGing it up! My students will be writing about how EGGstra special they are! Check out this craft and writing HERE.

We will be learning about another oviparous animal too...FROGS! Read all about my frog unit HERE and check out the resources HERE. 

There is a class book to make in this unit that I absolutely LOVE. It goes with The Hungry Caterpillar!  See more HERE. 

You could also make a counting by 2's caterpillar HERE. 

It's also a great time of year to do some animal research! 

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