Rainbow Milk Freebie

So I am a pretty firm believer that most of elementary science should be hands on and FUN! We have been learning the science process skills and practicing them! My students absolutely loved rainbow milk and it's super easy! You just need pie tins, milk, food coloring, Q-tips and dish soap!

We practiced the process skills of infer, predict and communicate. First, I showed students the materials and they inferred or told me something they already knew about them. They told me things like, "Milk is a liquid," or "Food coloring changes the color of things." 

Next, we poured milk into a pie tin and added food coloring to the milk. Students predicted what would happen when we touched the food coloring using a Q-tip dipped in dish soap.

Then of course we tried it!

Finally, students communicated what happened in our experiment and drew a picture of their rainbow milk in the last box. You can download the page we used for FREE HERE. 

Oh and this book is a perfect one to pair with the experiment!

Next up for science...  tools and five senses!

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  1. I bet you'll find more interesting ways for this, if you'll read this tutorial, guys.