Going Online Freebie

Over the past few years, technology in the classroom has exploded and I LOVE it! It's more important than ever to teach digital citizenship in the classroom. I am a first grade (former Kindergarten) teacher and it can be a real struggle to find resources appropriate for my younger students. I introduce technology the first week of school and I found a perfect and super age appropriate book to read! (Affiliate Link)

It's called Once Upon a Time...Online! It stars all of your favorite fairy tale characters as they learn the good things and not so good things that go with going online! Its so cute and students will love it!

After reading the story, we will talk about the technology in our classroom and some of the basic rules for going online! I created this simple response sheet too! Students will simply write or draw one thing they can do to stay safe online or to be a good digital citizen. Please click HERE to grab it for FREE. 

Looking for more beginning of the year ideas? Check out a play by play of my first day!


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