Making Text Connections

One of the first skills I teach in Reading Workshop is how to make connections with books and characters! Making connections with books is SO important and really make the books come to life! I teach each of the three connections exclusively:

Text to Self
Text to Text
 Text to World

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect book to go with each connection, so I put together this little list for you! I hope it's helpful as you teach your readers make connections! Click on any book to order to learn more about it! Please note: most of these books have very basic connections for first time teaching,  but I love seeing how students will take it deeper! Many of these books can be used to make multiple types of connections too!

Books to Teach Text to Self Connections
Text to self connections are easiest! Most students will be able to relate to the feelings and experiences in these books including having a bad day, being told not to do something, waiting for something, wanting something,etc. Too Many Tamales is a great book to read around Christmas and can really foster some deeper connections!


Books to Teach Text to World Connections
To me, this is the hardest one to teach! Younger students sometimes have a hard time thinking of the big picture and the whole world.

Students can think about brave people in the world such as firefighters and police officers.

Students can think about the president of our country and the jobs that come with that. What other leaders are there in the world?

Students can think about how people take care of the environment. 

Books to Teach Text to Text Connections
This is my favorite to teach! I am constantly blown away by my students making connections with books we read MONTHS ago! Here are a few books that you can purposely pair together:

Characters in both stories want pets.

Characters in both stories worry.

Characters in both stories have special objects that they are attached to.

As I introduce each connection, I have a poster that explains that connection and a poster with a sentence stem to go with it. I love sentence stems!

I also have response sheets that go with each connection. Students draw or write what happened in the story and then the connection that they have! It's a really great way to assess who understands the skill and who can take it to a deeper level! Plus it's perfect to fold and put in their reading response journals!

When I first teach the skill, we make specific connections together. As students get better at making connections, I will put out all three response sheets and they choose what type of connection they made with the book! These response sheets are perfect to go in literacy station and students can complete them independently. Check out the resources HERE. 


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