Getting Ahead of the Game 2017: Week 4

Happy Tuesday and Happy Fourth of July! Welcome to Week 4 of Getting Ahead of the Game!  Each Tuesday of the summer, I will give you a small task to complete that will help you get ready for August! I want you to feel like you got something accomplished this summer without sacrificing anytime at the pool! Last week we got all of those beginning of the year papers ready to go! 

This week's task is easy, fun and meaningful: Reach out to your team!  Maybe your team consists of all of your teaching BFFs and you have been in touch all summer, AMAZING! Maybe you are brand new and haven't even met all of your team yet, that's okay too! Take the time to reach out this week or do something nice for them! Here are a few ideas:

Have a casual team get together! Last week, I invited my team over for breakfast and planning. It was fun to sit down and actually have time to talk and it felt good to start getting everything in place for next year!  If you can't get together, at least send out a group text and see what everyone has been up to!

Make a little gift back to school gift for each of them. Last year, I gave each of them a pair of the best scissors ever. I seriously stand by that statement 110%, they stayed super sharp all year long! Download the gift tag for FREE HERE! 

 This year I am giving little notecards with this gift tag! Read more and download the tag FREE HERE.

Create something that everyone can use! Did you already lay out the scope and sequence for this school year? I'm sure your teammates would love a copy! Did you already make flashcards to go with the first nine weeks sight word? Email it over! Already make your Meet the Teacher Night Scavenger Hunt? It might help a new teacher on your team plan theirs! Little things like that go a LONG way and save everyone time. Hopefully, they will share with you too!

Connect on Pinterest! You could make a collaborative board to all add pins on or just send pins to each other! There are so many great ideas out there to check out and it's super easy to share them! If nothing else, at least make sure that you are following each other!

Just catching up? 

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