10 Classroom Must Haves

I have always known that I was going to grow up to be a teacher and I feel like I have been buying things for my classroom forever too! Over the years I have purchased a lot of things for my classroom that I had to have and I just knew I was going to use! News flash, many of these items sat in a cabinet and were never used. Don't waste money on stuff like that! Today I wanted to pop in with 10 classroom must have items for a new teacher! These items would be great things to put on your classroom wish list or be on the look out for this summer! AND Amazon Prime Day is coming up too! 

1. Clipboards: Even your classroom isn't totally flexible seating, you will use clipboards ALL THE TIME! They are are worth investing in and will last you for years and you can get them here for less than $1 each! These colorful ones are great too!


2. A Date Stamp: I can't even tell you how often I use my date stamp! Probably at least 20 times a day! It makes documenting SO much easier and saves me tons of time. It's also great if you teach younger students who can't write the date yet. 

3. Dry Erase Pouches: These are perfect for any centers and save you time laminating and cutting! I won a set of them at a teacher training last year and I can't believe what I had been missing out on all these years! Just slide a paper in and use!

4. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: The only thing that really erases dry erase marker from laminated paper! I cut the erasers into small sizes and they work so much better than anything else I have ever found. Put these on your wishlist! 

5. Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper: I use Fadeless paper on ALL of my bulletin boards because I can't stand gross faded paper and I don't want to replace paper every year! This paper is available in tons of colors and you can buy it in a long roll; so split it with a team mate! It is also available at most teacher or craft stores!

6. A Skillet: Hear me out on this one! I bought this little portable skillet the first year I taught. I was a Kindergarten teacher and we cooked on Fridays! Six years later, I still am amazed at how often I still use it and how it has held up! Green eggs and ham, making play-doh, melting crayons and ice cubes! 

7. Folders, Folders, Folders! I use folders for seriously everything in my classroom! Class books, organization, writing folders, EVERYTHING!

I use these and these the most. You can get the best prices on folders now!

8. A great pair of scissors: I have mentioned these scissors before, but I love them so much! They are so sharp and will stay sharp all year long! They are great for cutting paper, lamination, anything! I love the colors too.

9. Labels: I like to label everything! See HERE. I buy packages of Avery labels and use them all the time! I use this size for name labels or folder pocket size labels and this size for things like journals!

10. Indoor Recess Activities: This was totally one of those things I never thought about! You have to have some games and play things on hand for when you are forced inside for recess! My first graders enjoy playing games like Operation and Connect 4.  I have also picked up Legos, Barbies, and animals. They also love using these to build with and most of the kids haven't seen them before! #oldschol Be on the look out for these types of things at garages sales too!

Happy Shopping! : )

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