Math Journals Made EASY

Y'all know that I am ALL about getting ahead! Weekends are too precious to spend every minute preparing for the next week at school. I have really been thinking this summer about what I can do to save myself some time next school year. One of the things I plan week to week is our math journal problems. The first part of my math time everyday is spent doing a quick problem in our math journals. I LOVE this time because it gets our brains thinking math and gives me a chance to quickly review or reteach previously taught concepts. The benefits of math journals and daily intentional problem solving are HUGE! I don't have a lot of time to plan and prep this part of the day, but I want to make sure that I am hitting what I need to! I finally have the perfect (and major time saving) solution to make math journals EASY!

Meet my First Grade Daily Math Problems Binder! This bad boy holds EVERYTHING I need for math journals for the WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR. 

Inside the binder, I have a cover page for each of the big concepts taught in First Grade. I just used these for extra durability. 

 Behind each tab is where the magic really lies! Ready...

Daily math problems cut and ready for everyday of the school year! So on Monday I can pull a problem from the Subtraction to 20 section to go with out subtraction unit, and Tuesday I can pull a problem from the Addition to 20 section to review addition and then on Wednesday I can grab a problem from the Composing and Decomposing Numbers section to make sure we didn't forget that from September...SO EASY and takes no time at all! Do you want to know the best part? Every single problem fits perfectly in a little trading card sleeve. Just order these, print, cut and slide your math problems in! 

The set contains over 185 math problems that hit all of the first grade math concepts! Each page has 8 identical, cut- apart math problems. These aren't just cut and paste activities. They require critical thinking, using math tools and strategies and students will explain their thinking!

In addition to all of that, math tools for your students to use are included too!  I recommend stapling a Ziploc bag (this size works best) or an envelope to the front cover of the math journal to store the tools. Use bright card stock and laminate to ensure durability for the whole school year!

Labels are also included for the front of the journal (this size) and the tool bag (this size)!

I can't tell you how good it feels to have this done for the whole entire school year and how much time it is going to save me! Plus, I know my firsties will be getting a review on all of the skills they need. Check out the entire product and see how much time it can save you! Looking for more ways to stay ahead? Check out my Getting Ahead of the Game series and be sure to sign up for emails with exclusive tips and freebies. 

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