Getting Ahead of the Game 2017: Week 3

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Week 3 of Getting Ahead of the Game! Have you gotten you taken control of your summer yet? If not, check out this post. I created this blog series in hopes of getting you ahead before the school year ever starts. Each Tuesday of the summer, I will give you a small task to complete that will help you get ready for August! I want you to feel like you got something accomplished this summer without sacrificing anytime at the pool! 

This week's challenge is to get all of those beginning of the year papers ready to go! You know what I'm talking about! The student information sheet, volunteer forms, classroom handbooks, all of that  good stuff! Everyone has their own preferences for what forms they like and don't like. There are tons out there to choose from, but here is what I have ready for this year...

I try to keep it simple and just have one student information form. I like to copy it on colored paper so that it is easy to find in my student information binder. Download this form for free HERE. I always leave the back blank too, in case parents want to write me a novel. ; ) Speaking of student information binders, here is an easy trick! Use these numbered tabs to organize! Each child has a number and I file all of their forms behind that number.
I don't write anything on "the table of contents page" and reuse the tabs every year. 

Each year I create a Meet the Authors board that includes a little biography of each student and a place that they can display their work. Read more about it HERE. I use this little form to create their biography. I leave it on each student's desk at Meet the Teacher Night so that they can fill it out with parental help if needed. It's just one more thing I can have ready to go!

Download it for free HERE

I also LOVE using Donors Choose to fund materials and experiences in my classroom. It's like Christmas when your stuff arrives!

 After a project is funded, pictures of students using the materials are shared with the donors. A photography permission form is required for each student. The beginning of the year if the perfect time to get this completed too! Read more about how to use Donors Choose HERE

 Do you have Mystery Readers in your classroom? Every Friday a parent volunteer comes and reads a book to the class. It's special for both parents and children! Sign Up Genius is amazing for organizing this! Parents can changes dates if they need to and receive reminders without you doing anything. Just put the link on your classroom website, Facebook page or email it out! Easy! Take 10 minutes to create it for the year and you're finished!

In years past I have created a classroom handbook that went over the routines and procedures of my classroom. It was really helpful! The only reason I quit doing it is because my team created a grade level handbook instead. It's nice to have all of the information in one place. Also, we don't even print out the handbook for parents anymore. We just create a QR code for parents to access the information online, put it on our class websites and send it in an email.

My school is currently in shambles. Again! Last year, they replaced the roof, so naturally this year we are redoing the flooring. I really shouldn't complain because it makes me stay home and relax, but I hate thinking about the mess that I will be coming back to and unpacking everything.  I use Google Drive to keep everything organized so all I have to do is print! Here is my Beginning of the Year folder with everything ready to go! I'm so glad I took the time to do this last year because it's all ready to go!
I know this week is a BIG challenge, but you will L-O-V-E yourself come August when all you have to do is PRINT everything! 

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