Getting Ahead of the Game 2017: Week 2

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Week 2 of Getting Ahead of the Game! Have you gotten your planner set up for next year yet? If not, check out this postI created this blog series in hopes of getting you ahead before the school year ever starts. Each Tuesday of the summer, I will give you a small task to complete that will help you get ready for August! I want you to feel like you got something accomplished this summer without sacrificing anytime at the pool! 

This week's task is set some summer goals! What do you need to get done this summer to feel good, both personally and professionally? If you set up your planner last week, you should have a really good idea of how much summer you have left...yikes! As June comes to an end, I start to panic! I always start off the summer with all of these things I am going to get done over the summer and then before I know it, IT'S OVER. I didn't clean out my closet, or reorganize the pantry or paint that back bedroom. Hopefully by now you have had some relaxing down time under your belt, so you are ready to tackle of a few of those summer tasks. Take some time this week to fill out this goals page and plan according. I am a huge believer in writing goals down!

Here are a few things to think about:
  • Are there any teaching books have been wanting to read? 
  • What items do I need to be on the lookout for for my classroom? Garage sales in the summer are great!
  • What can I already have ready to go? Can I print labels and assemble writing workshop folders

  • What things around the house I want to do, but never have time for?
  • What can I get rid of or de-clutter that will make me feel better? (P.S. This book is a must read. Changed my life!)
  • What needs a deep cleaning? 

  • What appointments do I need to make? Doctor, dentist, oil changes, dermatologist, etc?
  • What do I want to do for me? Can I travel? 
  • What friends and family do I want to make time for this summer?

Next, make a plan! If you want to redecorate or paint a room in your house, what steps do you need to take! Pin ideas. Make a trip to Home Depot and pick out some paint colors. Print out some pictures to go in frames. Carve out time for what needs to be accomplished! Make this summer your best!

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