End of the Year Slideshow

The End of the Year is quickly approaching! Which means things are getting crazier! Hopefully, you have had time to check out my Getting Ahead of the Game Post with five tips for getting ready for May! 

One of my tips is to get your end of the year gifts ready to go!I think the most valuable gift you can give students is memories! I love giving them this special photo album to help remind them of all the special memories they made in First Grade. You can read more about it HERE and grab your own photo album title pages HERE.

A slide show is also a fun keepsake gift! You can put it on a disc for each student or show it at an end of the year event! A slide show can be super consuming to put together and time isn't something you have a ton of this time of I'm helping you out! I have put together an EDITABLE End of the Year Slide Show.

This EDITABLE Slide Show (using Power Point) is easy to use and will make your end of the year slide show look incredible! The fun, bright colors fit any classroom theme. Just add pictures of your class! Over 30 slides are included!

The graphics are not editable, but all of the text is! Easily change wording, fonts, font size, and rearrange, duplicate or delete slides! You can add as many pictures as you need! Check it out HERE. 

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