The 120th Day of School


"Why are you celebrating the 120th Day of School?" The answer: Why not? : P

 Just kidding, our standards go up to the number 120, so that seemed like the number we should celebrate in First Grade! Plus, it makes things a little different from the 100th Day! Although I do love the 100th Day of School

Before the big day, students had some homework to do! They each brought a collection of 120 in a sandwich bag and attached this little bag topper.

Although, if you are having students count their items at school I recommend not adding the bag topper until later! : ) Just print the topper on Astrobrights paper and you have a cute display for the hallway. 

We spent most of our day doing different stations based around the number 120.

We thought about how we had changed over the past 120 days and what we have learned.

We counted our collections of 120.

We wrote 120 words!

We played Roll to 120. This game was a favorite!

We wrote numbers to 120. 

This puzzle has also been in our math tubs the past few weeks. It is available HERE or HERE

AND OF COURSE, we made a snack!
This snack was a hit! I may or may not have eaten more than 120 items. 
I just created a Sign Up Genius and had parents sign up to bring an item. YUM!

All of these activities and MORE are available HERE. 


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