Hats Off to Adjectives!

Some how my annual Adjective Fashion Show snuck up on me this year! Happens to the best of us...

We had a GREAT time with it last year! You can read all about it HERE. This year one of my teammates had a great idea, A HAT PARADE! Did you know that Dr. Seuss collected hats? His hat collection served as as source of inspiration for his writing. Really! Check this out! A hat parade was the perfect way to review adjectives and it also fit into our Dr. Seuss Week! Simply, send a note to your parents asking them to help their child to create or decorate a hat they already own and have their child wear it to school one day; maybe a Friday! ; ) Or, You could even send a sentence strip home and challenge your students to create a hat with that. Here are a few hats that my students wore:

Roll out some red butcher paper and you are ready for a hat parade! Or if your school has a stage, use that! I created these printables to go with this activity.

On the front page, students described and drew their own hat. On the back students, wrote adjectives using their friend's hats. 

Download these activities FREE HERE. Be sure to sign up for my email list too! These would have been in your inbox a few weeks ago! ; ) 

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