EASY Animal Research Project

Kids LOVE learning about animals! An animal research project is always a great way to hit standards and engage students. With Open House coming up, I wanted my students to have a cute and meaningful research project to share with their parents! It turned out perfect! Let me take you through the process...

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Since we are in the middle of our Texas unit, I thought it would be fun to have my students choose an animal that lives in Texas to research. Each student had a different animal to research. My librarian had a great idea for helping students organize research! Glue together two file folders to create a divider. On the front, students can draw a picture of what they are researching and their name. On the inside, they use post it notes to write facts on. The back of the folders can be used for gathering research questions or keeping track of sources.

We used Pebble Go, books and other online resources to research!

After students finished their research, they began to write a draft of their book. Students wrote this book pretending to be the animal they were researching. For example if they learned: "Armadillos curl up into ball when they feel threatened," they would write: "I curl up into a ball if I feel scared." It was a great way for them to practice putting facts into their own words. After their draft was complete, we were ready to edit and publish!

We used this cover for our book, but many others are included HERE

Students drew a large and detailed picture of their animal on the last page of the book.

Then on the other books pages they gave clues about themselves and a peek at the picture

 Students loved reading the books to their parents at Open House and sharing them with their classmates. 

Get everything you need to create this book with your students HERE!

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