Using Voice

It's Writing Workshop Wednesday! I am so excited to share what we have been working on! We have been really digging into the traits of writing. We have been especially focusing on voice and we have had SO much fun! Keep in mind that these activities were done over the course of a week...and we enjoyed every second of it. 

I introduced the trait with, "The Day the Crayons Quit!". We have read this book a few times this year and it never gets old!

The sequel is great too! 

We created this anchor chart to go with the trait. I always like to attach a picture of the book I read to go with the trait to help students remember the lesson. 

Don't judge my anchor chart. #notanartist

We practiced using voice (and letter writing skills) by writing a class letter from a student's backpack. We thought about what voice and tone the backpack would be using. Was it happy? Frustrated? Excited to come to school? Upset? Here is what w came up with...

Next, the class wrote their own letters to themselves during writing workshop time from an object in the classroom. THEY WERE HYSTERICAL! To publish the letters, students used Chatterpix and took a picture of the object "reading" the letter that they had written. 

Here is one for you to check out:

Isn't that so clever?! Check out the coding mouse in the movie HERE.  He is super popular in our classroom.They were one of my favorite projects all year! I shared them with anyone who stepped foot in my classroom.

My students had so much fun with this writing activity that they continued it all week in their journals!

I'm pretty sure that my mouth feels the same way...

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