Getting Ahead of the Game: March Edition

It's time for Getting Ahead of the Game, March Edition! It's hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner, which means Spring Break is just around the corner too! Woohoo! : )

Here are five tips to help you prepare for the month ahead:

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 National Education Agency Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, Dr. Seuss's Birthday. Learn more about it HERE. This was one of my FAVORITE days of the year when I taught Kindergarten!

Each Kindergarten teacher's room was a different book and we had the students rotate throughout the classes! It was fun to get to know some of the other students and the prep work was easy because you just planned around one book and lesson, but the kids still got to hear 5 different books and participate in 5 fun lessons! 

It's also fun to  celebrate Wacky Wednesday this week and encourage the kids to dress wacky too! Target is loaded with Dr. Seuss fun right now too!

Look at all of those books!

Don't forget about cooking green eggs and ham! Cat face paint makes for precious pictures too!

It always seems that St. Patrick's Day falls during Spring Break, so I don't get to do much with! This year is no different, but I would LOVE to make leprechaun traps with my class! This is the perfect STEM activity! I'm still trying to figure out when I can fit this in, but check out all of these great ideas!

Grab this FREE response sheet that would go with any materials HEREThis book would be the perfect read aloud too. 

I have hatched chicks with my class every year I have ever taught and it really is one of the highlights of my teaching year! I actually have an entire post dedicated to hatching chicks HERE.

Butterflies, frogs, and fish are also great options too!

Still have concerns about students? This is a great time to touch base with those parents again and schedule a conference! No one likes hearing how behind their child is in May. Have those hard conversations now and be sure to document them! Get those conferences on the calendar before things get crazy...or crazier. 

Really, yall! This is the secret of getting ahead! There is not better feeling than having everything ready early!
This month we will be learning about coins in math. I love setting up a Coin Grocery Store for my students to shop and apply those skills. Read more about it HERE.

These word cards can be printed and added to your writing center FREE HERE.

Check out all of these bugs and butterfly resources HERE. 

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