Sentence Fluency

Happy Writing Workshop Wednesday! I love writing workshop time in my classroom and I thought it would be fun to pop in on Wednesdays to share a writing lesson. My students are great little narrative and expository writers, but it's time to start working on those writing traits! This book is new to me, but I love it! We have been working on the trait of sentence fluency! I love using mentor texts to teach writing. I love finding books that show what I am trying to teach my students. 

This book was perfect for sentence fluency! 

Not to mention it's cute as can be! I used the poster maker at school to blow up this page in the book:

Throughout the week we looked at this page and how the author varied the sentence lengths, started the sentences differently, and used various punctuation marks. We also practiced these skills.

We especially loved this dice game! Students rolled a dice and were challenged to write a sentence with that many words! It was a great way to review sentence structure too! 

If you are looking for some print and go pages to go with your writing workshop lessons on sentence fluency, check these out! I love using these in my writing center too.

Happy Writing! : )

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  1. Grammarly Cost
    Language is an important part of expressing ourselves to the whole world. It is needed while we are speaking to someone and also when we are writing something. The language that we talk often tends to have colloquialisms, and the grammar isn't always perfect. But it does reflect into our writings. Along with that, we aren't always able to write in perfect grammar.