Getting Ahead of the Game: February Edition

It's time for Getting Ahead of the Game, February Edition! I hope you are finally back in the swing of things and looking forward to the month of LOVE. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and it's also my birthday! : ) It's one of my favorite teaching months too! Here are five tips to help you prepare and LOVE every minute of it! 

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 Don't put off making valentines for your sweet class! Get those done RIGHT NOW! I ordered these precious miniature valentine ducks and attached them to this gift tag with glue dots.

Download this gift tag from my TPT Store for FREE HERE.

Sunglasses and kaleidoscopes are fun too and go with this FREE gift tag! These valentine airplanes also really tempted me! No matter what you choose, it will feel so good knowing they are ready to go!

February is the perfect time of year to plan a lesson from the heart! I look forward to reading this book every year. It's my very favorite book! Really!

I don't care if you teach Kindergarten or seniors in high school, EVERYONE needs to read this book. (WARNING: It makes me cry every year.) Be sure to order it now if it's not in your collection because it's hard to get your hands on closer to Valentine' Day. I promise you won't be sorry! I don't want to spoil the story for you, but you will want to spread kindness after you read it.

I love challenging my students to give a valentine to someone who might not know how loved they are. The Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cakes are perfect because they come in a twin pack. Your students can eat one and give one! 

The next day they can write about who they gave it too! : )

Tis the season for valentine writing! My students love to write notes to each other, other teachers and their parents. 

Download six different valentine letter writing template for FREE HERE. For extra fun, load up your writing station with valentine supplies! I love valentine pencils, foam stickers, notecards and construction paper. Ask parents to donate any supplies they might have.

Make an effort this month to send a little positive note to every child's parent! Take a little time to brag on those sweet kids you spend (almost) everyday with. One easy idea is to take and develop a picture of every student this month and write a short message on the back. Parents will love having a picture of their baby and a sweet message from you. I like to use the Walgreens App on my phone and they always have coupons for photo printing.

February is packed with holidays! Use them to your advantage! First up is Groundhog's Day on February 2. Here are some great fiction and non-fiction texts that tie in with the day!

Pebble Go is a great resource for students to use for research. I created these comprehension questions to go with the section on woodchucks or groundhogs. They are great for students to practice using text features and look for specific information. 

Download it FREE HERE.

We will also be using some groundhog themed math stations to go with the skills we will be learning around that time! 

Click HERE to learn more and see a complete list of included activities!

Valentine's Day is next on February 14! I already told you about my favorite book above, but here are a few other fun ones.

This is a cute read aloud and ties in with poetry!

Heart to Heart Math Centers were perfect for my Kindergartners!

Finally, there is President's Day! This is a great time to check out your social studies standards! We learn about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and what makes a good citizen. It's also a great time to learn national symbols!

Download this activity FREE HERE.

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