Christmas Clean Up

Christmas has come and gone, which means it's time for the dreaded Christmas clean up. I love decorating my house for Christmas. but the clean up part is never as fun. Since I shared my home with you HERE, I thought I would share the clean up too! I have a few tips and ideas that might help you out too!

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First of all, let me go ahead and make a confession: I have an addiction to plastic storage containers. I had to get that off my chest. They just make storage so easy and they stack so nicely in the attic!

I think it's really important NOT to to just cram as much stuff as you can in a plastic storage container for the sake of saving space. You won't be able to find anything and you will want to kick yourself the next Christmas. Last year, I spent a lot of time adding labels to my boxes AND lids! I used these labels and typed exactly what was in each box. It made putting everything up a breeze and clean up went so much faster this year. 

Just print off two of every label! It really helps you save time and not play musical lids!

I really love the plastic containers with the cardboard ornament dividers too. These ones came from Target! Don't let the cardboard dividers hold you back either. Arrange them to make your ornaments fit!

I really don't spend a lot of time wrapping individual ornaments up. These plastic containers get carried up to the attic and sit there for 11 months; and get carried back  down. They really don't need a lot of protection. : )

Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions. I skip to the mailbox everyday in December looking for holiday cards. At the end of the season, I create a book using all of the cards I received for that year

 I just create a little cover with the year and run it through my laminator. Then, hole punch each card and put it all together with binder rings

Download the cover for 2016 FREE HERE. This is a great way to clean up and continue enjoying your holiday cards from year to year. 

I'll admit, putting up the tree is the worst! It's still amazing to me that somehow my tree mysteriously fit in a box at some point. I learned a long time ago, tree storage bags are the way to go! This year I tried out an upright tree storage bag. This would be perfect if you had a storage closet to store your tree in! 

First, I just took everything off of my tree like normal. (I just love this tree!) 

Next, I strapped the tree base in.

Then, I shimmied the bag up and over the tree. This part was definitely a two person job.

Last, my tree was well protected and ready to head to storage! See you next year!

(Sidenote: Did you like my first, next, then last writing? Clearly, I'm a teacher. #practicewhatyoupreach)

Be sure to check out this storage bag from Tree Classics! They have lots of other great products to make Christmas clean up a breeze too! 

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