Hello October

If you have been following my blog over the past few years, you know that I am all about helping teachers get ahead! During the school year, I post a monthly blog series called Getting Ahead of the Game with tips to get you ready for the following month. During the summer I switch it up and give you weekly tasks to prepare for the new school year. This year I am going to switch it up a little bit and put together a monthly blog series called "Hello (Whatever Month is Next!)" It will include pictures, ideas, inspiration and resources for the upcoming teaching month! As always, email subscribers will receive an exclusive freebie to use in the upcoming month so make sure that you are subscribed!

 Tis the season for pumpkins! I choose one Friday in October to have a pumpkin day! Each student brings a pumpkin and we complete different activities using it all day! You can read more about it HERE and download the My Pumpkin Page HERE.

Writing about the pumpkin life cycle is fun too! If you carve a pumpkin with your class, be sure to save the seeds for planting too!


October 8-14. 2017 is also Fire Prevention Week. It's a great time to talk about fire safety and learn about community helpers. I love making these fire fighters with my students every year. 

They are ADORABLE hanging in the hallway! I also have a few freebies that you can use for Fire Prevention Week too! Grab them HERE.

Bats and Spiders are October musts too!  I love using the book Stellaluna as a read aloud and making this beginning, middle and end bat craft to retell the story. 

Check it out HERE. 

I have used this spider craft for teaching different things over the years! When I taught Kindergarten I used it to decompose the number 8. You can grab it for FREE HERE. 

In first grade, I created a similar spider to teach adjectives!

While we are learning about parts of speech, this Halloween themed noun and verb sort is perfect to throw in a center!

Don't forget about your sweet custodian this time of year either! Show him or her some love with this editable little gift tag. Add your name, print and attach it to some candy or another little treat! 


Celebrating September with Freebies

Hello September! I hope your school year is off to a great start! I didn't realize how many fun holidays there were in September to celebrate with your littles! I wanted to pop in today with some ideas and resources to get you through this week!

September 17 is Constitution Day, but the entire week is Celebrate Freedom week! I know the constitution is a big concept for our little ones to grasp; but I think it's so important to introduce them to it and talk about how lucky we are to have our freedoms.

This simple craft and writing activity are age appropriate and fun; especially when paired with a good read aloud! Click on any book to learn more!

September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! My class loved celebrating last year! We made pirate hats, practiced map skills with bee bots and more!

You can grab some freebies to celebrate with HERE. Of course you will want to read some pirate books too!

 I am also using this book for a retelling activity!

It is free for the Kindle if you have an Amazon Prime membership! You can download the cards I made to retell the story with HERE.

Happy September Celebrating!


Rainbow Milk Freebie

So I am a pretty firm believer that most of elementary science should be hands on and FUN! We have been learning the science process skills and practicing them! My students absolutely loved rainbow milk and it's super easy! You just need pie tins, milk, food coloring, Q-tips and dish soap!

We practiced the process skills of infer, predict and communicate. First, I showed students the materials and they inferred or told me something they already knew about them. They told me things like, "Milk is a liquid," or "Food coloring changes the color of things." 

Next, we poured milk into a pie tin and added food coloring to the milk. Students predicted what would happen when we touched the food coloring using a Q-tip dipped in dish soap.

Then of course we tried it!

Finally, students communicated what happened in our experiment and drew a picture of their rainbow milk in the last box. You can download the page we used for FREE HERE. 

Oh and this book is a perfect one to pair with the experiment!

Next up for science...  tools and five senses!