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It's reindeer time in my classroom! I love using reindeer to teach my students about non-fiction text features and tie in some other fun activities too! They are also really into reindeer this time of year especially since our Elf on the Shelf, Ellie brought us a pet reindeer!  

  I always start my reindeer unit by discussing that there are two different types of reindeer: magic reindeer a.k.a. the type the pull Santa's sleigh and real reindeer a.k.a the kind that live in the wild. If you don't have this discussion, students will constantly be writing things like, "Reindeer fly and help Santa" which is only true of magic reindeer. : ) 

This is my favorite reindeer book for teaching non-fiction text features. It has all of the features a first grader needs to know and includes great pictures! 

We make an anchor chart about non-fiction text features using the book. 

This year I wanted to take it a step deeper and have my students create a book about reindeer using those non-fiction text features too! 

I created this resource to help students...
Write and answer questions. 
Organize their thinking and information.
Recall and record facts. 
Identify and explain key vocabulary.
Label a picture. 
Understand the purpose of non-fiction text features. 

I am so excited to use it with my students! Each little page even has a cute little tabs. It could easily be paired with any reindeer craft too! Check it out HERE.

After learning about real reindeer, it is a lot of fun to watch a fun movie  and compare the two types of reindeer. : ) 

I love to see what my students come up with! 

Download this FREEBIE by clicking HERE. Be sure to follow me on TPT for other fun freebies! : )

And of course no reindeer unit is complete with out some reindeer food. Now this is for those magic reindeer mentioned above! ; ) However, we do remember that reindeer are herbivores and like oats. We read a few fiction reindeer books before making our food.

(Side note: Did you know that there is a movie too?)

To make reindeer food, we just mix some plain oats with glitter. Make it extra cute by putting it in a clear bag and twist it shut with a brown pipe cleaner for antlers. Then glue on googly eyes and a red pom pom

Students can also write about how to make reindeer food! This freebie can be downloaded HERE. 

A reindeer hand print craft or sandwich is also fun too!

Have a wonderful week! 

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