Getting Ahead of the Game: January Edition

It's time for Getting Ahead of the Game, January Edition! I know you are still in the middle of the December craziness, but wouldn't it be great to have everything ready for January before leaving for the holiday break?!?! Mark my words, for the first time in my teaching career I will not, I repeat WILL NOT, be making a trip (or two, or three) up to school over the break. Let's vow to really give ourselves a true break, amen? Really, we deserve every second of it. : )

Let's jump right in! Here are five quick and easy tips to get your brain thinking in January mode! This post does contain affiliate links for easy shopping.

I love doing a little writing to kick off the new year! Use this freebie to say Hello to 2017 or set goals for the new year. 

Download it FREE by clicking HERE. Both handwriting lines are included for both writing pages. Oh and don't forget your New Years Gear! I love adding these to a craft! 

This is the time of year where I always find my classroom looking like this...

And let's be honest, the piles only go up from here until May. Set a timer for 15 minutes and put a dent in it! You will feel much better!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is January 16, 2017. This is the perfect time to teach my students all about him! Here are a few of my favorite and age appropriate books for Kindergarten and First Graders: 

We always write about our dreams too. 

I also LOVE this craft because it's so easy to make and require little prep work! 

The 100th Day of School always sneaks up on me out of no where! Ours falls on February 2, so I am going to go ahead and have it in the back of my mind. It's always one of my favorite days of the school year! Go ahead and start PINTERESTing! That's a word, right? ; ) Read about what I have done in the past HERE.  Here are a few great books too:

And who knew their were so many cute accessories and decorations too? This 100 headband is adorable! 

 I think this is SO important! I spend most of my work time prepping lessons, activities and centers! Here are some of the things I am getting ready for January...

These little snowballs are perfect for sight words, math facts, number practice, anything! I bought this giant set a few years ago and I'm still using them!

Learn more about this activity and pick up the freebie HERE.

 Snowman Math Centers are always a hit too!

We also learn about contractions in January. This book is a MUST! 

Check out all of these contraction activities HERE. 

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I hope you will join us on January 15 for Getting Ahead of the Game: February Edition. Of course I will be stopping in in between with more great teaching ideas and resources! Have a great week! 

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