Getting Ahead of the Game, Week #5

Happy Tuesday! I'm back again for Week #5 of my summer blog series, "Getting Ahead of the Game."

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 I think you are going to like this week's challenge. It's both important and fun. Ready...

Shopping is my favorite part of going back to school! There is just something about new supplies and a fresh start! But you need to be strategic! 

1. Make a list of what you need. Take some time to really think about your classroom and what supplies you need to start the year. I have to have everything written down so I created this little printable to help me get a game plan. Click HERE to download.

Of course, I always end up buying (many) things not on my list, but this helps me to make sure I have the "must have" items.  Save some supplies for your classroom wish list too! 

2. Watch the ads. Be sure to watch the weekly ads for major stores like Target, Office Depot, Walmart, etc. If you are on the look out for specific items, wait until they are on sale or you have some sort of deal. For example, this week at Target if you spend $25 or more on school supplies you get a $5 gift card. Target also has great deals using their app, Cartwheel. Lakeshore Learning has a great Back to School Sale going on right now too! Just take the time to do some research before heading out to the store if you are looking for specific items. 

3. Don't forget to keep your receipts. I keep a Ziploc bag going with all of my school purchase receipts that comes in handy at tax time. It also helps to keep a running list of what you have spent this school year.

4. Share your finds. Use the hashtag #teacherschoolshop on Instagram to show us your school shopping! : )

 Here are a few of my favorite shopping finds this week...

These cute pens were at Sam's Club for around $14. They would be a great addition to a writing center or find them HERE.  These are also perfect for your writing center too!

Unless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you have seen all of the amazing finds from the Target Dollar section! I have three great Targets within 15 minutes of my house which can be very dangerous. 

I used some of the supplies in this picture to create a banner for my writing center. Of course I had to test in out on my fireplace mantle. 

These little emoji sticky flags would be so much fun to use with guided reading.

Everything in this picture came from Target, except for the buckets and Smartboard games! Both of those are from Lakeshore Learning and ON SALE!

I love these bright supply buckets!

So this little guy was totally not on my shopping list, but I just couldn't help myself. PRECIOUS! This big bad wolf comes with a little grandmother that fits in his mouth and ends up in his stomach. Then his stomach velcros open and closed so you can save her and play again. How fun would this be for retelling Little Red Riding Hood?!?! I just want to buy one for every child I know. It was around $10 at Ikea. 

 Last year I decided to try using the (cheap) cardboard book bins from Ikea rather than the nicer plastic book bins that I use to store my teacher books and I LOVED it! They held up and I could just send them home with the kids at the end of the school year. I can get enough for my whole class for under $6! You CAN'T beat that! Last year I decorated them with ribbon.

 This year I am using washi tape and will add a cute name label! : )

Happy Shopping! Don't forget to use #teacherschoolshop to share your finds!

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