Getting Ahead of the Game, Week #3

Can you believe it is already Week #3 of this Tuesday summer blog series called, "Getting Ahead of the Game?" Each week I will give you a little project to help you be ready for August. If you are just joining us, links to the previous weekly challenges can be found at the end of this post.  This week's challenge is...

Each Monday I email out a weekly newsletter to let me parents know what is going on that week. I use the same template each week and just update the information. I try to keep it simple. I use Powerpoint to create my newsletter and just add shapes, text boxes and clip art. 

Helpful Hint: Save a copy of your weekly email as a PDF file to email out to your parents!.This way it won't turn wonky if you use cute fonts and clip art. Plus parents will be able to read it on their smart phones. 

Just joining us? Catch up below:

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