Getting Ahead of the Game, Week # 2

I am back today for Week #2 of my Tuesday summer blog series called, "Getting Ahead of the Game." Each week I will give you a little project to help you be ready for August. Let's jump right in! 

This week's challenge is...Drumroll please! 

I like to have my forms ready for parents to fill out on Meet the Teacher Night. Why? Number #1: Parents can fill out all of the information right there and leave it with you. Small children's backpacks often eat papers. 
Number #2: I know how everyone is getting home, and my odds of losing someone significantly decrease, hehe. That First Day of School dismissal is killer...Amen!
 Number #3:  I feel like I already "know" my kids before the first day. 

Everyone has their own preferences for what forms they like and don't like. There are tons out there to choose from, but here is what I have ready for this year...

I try to keep it simple and just have one student information form. I like to copy it on colored paper so that it is easy to find in my student information binder. Download this form for free HERE. I always leave the back blank too, in case parents want to write me a novel. ; )

Each year I create a Meet the Authors board that includes a little biography of each student and a place that they can display their work. Read more about it HERE. I use this little form to create their biography. I leave it on each student's desk at Meet the Teacher Night so that they can fill it out with parental help if needed. It's just one more thing i can have ready to go!

Download it for free HERE

I also LOVE using Donors Choose to fund materials and experiences in my classroom. It's like Christmas when your stuff arrives!

 After a project is funded, pictures of students using the materials are shared with the donors. A photography permission form is required for each student. The beginning of the year if the perfect time to get this done too! Read more about how to use Donors Choose HERE

My school is currently in shambles. Really! They are replacing the roof and road and I couldn't go up there even if I wanted to. So I won't be copying anything until the school opens back up in August. There is nothing worse than creating something and losing it in the computer file black hole mess. I am all about folders this year. Exhibit A:  

I am keeping everything I need right here in this "Beginning of the Year" folder so I can just print and go come August. Score! 

DON'T FORGET: Make a few extra copies of everything so you are prepared when a new student comes. Avoid the new student scramble!

In years past I have created a classroom handbook that went over the routines and procedures of my classroom. It was really helpful! The only reason I quit doing it is because my team created a grade level handbook instead. It's nice to have all of the information in one place. Also, we don't even print out the handbook for parents anymore. We just create a QR code for parents to acccess the information online and send it in an email.

I used to have a Classroom Volunteer form, but last year I finally decided that I really don't use it. If I need help with something, I just include it in my weekly newsletter/email and parents respond on a need-by-need basis. I don't have time to look through 22 pieces of paper to see who checked the Take It Home Volunteer box. I think it's a great idea, it just didn't work for me; so I'm not going to waste my time with it this year. You live, you learn. : ) 

I know this week is a BIG challenge, but you will L-O-V-E yourself come August when all you have to do is PRINT. 

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