Doing the Frog Hop

Oh how I love teaching about animals! We have had so much fun learning about frogs and their life cycle this week. We started the week off with this super cute book called,I Don't Want to Be a Frog 

We made a T-Chart and listed why we would or wouldn't want to be a frog.

Then everyone drew a frog and wrote their ideas in a speech bubble.

They turned out really cute and it was a fun way to discuss opinion writing.

We also learned about the frog life cycle. We started out by sequencing it together with these posters and then created these little frogs!

The leg and eye placement on this frog had me laughing! 

 They turned out so cute and required very little prep on my part! Just copy on colored paper and done!

Of course we added some frog themed activities to our literacy centers too. Each of these activities include a recording sheet too!

Students matched each lily pad sentence with the correct frog punctuation mark. Next, they practiced writing their own sentences to match each punctuation mark. It was a great review activity!

We also sorted parts of speech with this pocket chart activity. 

All of these activities can be found by clicking the unit below! : )

We have tadpoles in our classroom too! We have these really cool wireless microscopes on my campus that we have been using to see the tadpoles up close. I can hold the microscope while students watch on their Ipads and take pictures! It's amazing!

P.S. We also learned about the fish life cycle and I attempted to hatch fish eggs with my class too. I received some fish eggs from a science training I went to and unfortunately their fate was pretty grim. Let's just say "I took them to the pond..." : ( On the bright side, I made a little freebie in their honor. RIP little fishes!  Download this fish life cycle craft for free HERE! ; ) 

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