THE Adjective Fashion Show

After reading Hope King's ebook, Set the Stage to Engage I knew I had to add an Adjective Fashion Show to my lesson plans this year. We already taught adjectives in the fall, but my students needed another good review so this was PERFECT. I took Hope's idea and I created a lesson to really meet my students needs and keep them engaged! WIN-WIN!

It was super easy to transform my room into a fashion show. I just moved the desks into two rows facing each other with a red carpet in the middle, a.k.a. red butcher paper. AND word to the wise, tape it down! I forgot, insert embarrassed face here. I bought a fashion show song on iTunes for 99 cents and added a microphone from the party store and we were ready to boogie!

 We started the day with a little pre-assessment to see who remembered what an adjective was! I placed index cards at each students desk and put a big picture of me dressed like a silly goose on the Smartboard. They wrote adjectives to describe me!

Pretty soon it was fashion show time! I did something extra special and let my students sit on top of their desks. They used their white board and wrote as many adjectives as they could think of as each person strutted their stuff. 

They were so precious!

After the fashion show ended, I created a little response page for students to show me their learning!

They drew themselves on the front and listed some adjectives to describe themselves. 

You can download this response sheet for free HERE! : ) Have fun! 


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