Outer Space and Beyond!

Oh how we loved learning about objects in the sky! Space is always one of my favorite things to teach about because the kids just eat it up! I have been on a flip book kick lately, so I created this flip book to hit our standards and get us through the unit.

You can check it out HERE!

I am lucky enough to have 11 iPads in my classroom and I just love integrating technology into my lessons! My students created a stop motion video using Oreos and paper to show how the moon changes. This project took us about 3-4 days to complete. First, we started by creating a background for our movie. The students used paper to create an earth and a sun.

Next, the students made each phase of the moon using ores and popsicle sticks to scrape the frosting. They put them in the correct order on a paper plate so they would be ready for filming!

Finally, we used this app to create the videos. Stop motion videos are created using a series of pictures. Ours were very short, but the kids loved the activity and caught on to the app quickly. After each pair completed their video, we created AR codes to go on their background posters so we could share them in the hallway!

 I found this lesson idea and materials from Erintegration and I made it fit my first graders!

Of course we kept a moon log and took turns watching the moon each night.

We wrote about the moon too!

Hands down, our favorite part of the unit was trying astronaut food! It's amazing what you can buy on Amazon! I ordered this pack of ice cream and we devoured it!
I just broke it into little chunks and we tried each flavor. Here is the mint chocolate chip. It really was yummy!

 We also loved learning about groundhogs or woodchucks last week! PebbleGo is my favorite research tool for younger students! It has great pictures, information, videos and text features.  Usually, my students just write facts about different topics, but I really wanted to challenge them to search for specific information. I created these easy print and go questions o go with the PebbleGo woodchuck section or it could be used with another book or research tool of your choice. I hope you can pin it and use it with your class next year!