October Recap...

I just love October, but it FLEW by! I'm having to recap the entire month!
Stellaluna is always a favorite read aloud and it's an easy story for students to retell. First we used interactive writing to create a flow map of the story. A few friends added the illustrations. It's always a special treat to be a "chosen" illustrator. 

We created these bats to sequence the story. 

Everything you need for these bats and additional writing activities  can be found HERE. 

We have been also working hard to master nouns, verbs and adjectives. We came up with lots of adjective to describe spiders and created this little craft to coordinate. 

It was super easy and really helped my kids to get the hang of using adjectives to describe a noun. We also read some non-fiction spider books too! Kids love to learn about creepy things!

I added this Noun and Verb Sort to our word work center after introducing it whole group. The kids loved it! It could also be added to your writing centers for students to use the words in a spooky sentence. Download it HERE for free!

And of course no October is complete without some pumpkin investigation activities! I created this simple investigation page and students brought their own pumpkin to complete the different activities.

Our favorite was definitely learning that a pumpkin floats. 

I am always looking for books that encourage text to text connections. We compared the characters in Spookley the Square Pumpkin and The Haloweiner using a Double Bubble Map. 

Of course we had to make Spookley too!

This October I also marked Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum off my bucket list! It was like pumpkin heaven! If you are in Texas, you must check it out!

Hope you had a great October! : )

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