Apple and Five Senses Fun

It certainly doesn't feel like Fall here in Texas, but I am definitely in the mood. I love incorporating apples into our Fall learning! This week we were learning about how scientists use their five senses to make observations. My apple activities tied in perfectly! 

We kicked off our Five Senses Unit with a scavenger hunt around the school. We recorded what objects we saw that could be observed by one of our five senses. It was fun to get out of our classroom for a little bit!

This scavenger hunt is available HERE. 

We also wrote poetry about apples using our five senses. Bubble maps helped us think about each sense and descriptive words. 

We then created poems:
Apples look...
Apples sound...
Apples feel...
Apples smell...
Apples taste...

We also used our five senses to observe the ever popular apple eruption! This activity was definitely a keeper! The kids LOVED it and were absolutely devastated when it was time to clean up and move on. We will have to find something else to erupt soon.

This wonderful apple eruption recording page came from my friend, Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies. 

Look at those excited faces! ; )

Our math tubs also had some Apple Addition activities. I created these activities with first graders in mind. 

I think these apple word problems were my favorite. I think we will solve these problems whole group too! Building word problems with manipulatives is HUGE. 

These centers really reinforce anchoring to 10. 

I always add two sided counters and have my students build the problem again. 

We can match addition problems to addition sentences too.

Finally Friday was applesauce day! 
I have used this machine

for the past few years to peel and core the apples. It has been great, but this year my world was rocked! Meet your new applesauce best friend:

I am still amazed by this machine! One of my classroom moms brought it in and it was so great! She picked up the apples earlier in the day and cooked them. Then you just stick them in the machine and it separates the seeds and skin from the pulp. The kids can help crank and push the apples through the strainer.

 The kids mixed their own cinnamon and sugar in their applesauce bowl and ate it all up! YUM!

More (simple) apple activities can be found in my Apple Unit BASICS or in these apple blog posts. 

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