Dare to Dream

I am loving the  #tptsellerchallenge! This week's challenge is Dare to Dream. I think it's really important to put your dreams on paper and enjoyed thinking about all of the possibilities with TPT.  

Honestly, I just loved writing my blog and it took me a bit to warm up to TPT. I just loved writing about my classroom and sharing ideas and pictures. I felt really weird selling stuff and all of the technicalities of TPT intimidated me! However, pretty soon I discovered how easy it was to share my ideas and then allow people to easily download and use them too. It's also so fun to have some extra spending money (that usually goes straight back to my classroom) too!

Grow as an educator: This blog makes me a better teacher! I am constantly pushing myself to think creatively and teach out of the box. I also love the connections I have made with other educators and love having people to collaborate with! 

Have a beautiful home: We are in the process of buying our first home in the Dallas area. Unfortunately, it has been a nightmare! This market is INSANE, but I am really looking forward to having a home again! My Pinterest board is busting with pictures of beautiful homes!I am hoping to use my TPT earnings to purchase furniture, decorations and any updates we may want.

GIVE: I want to share my blessings with others and find opportunities to give.


  1. Glad you warmed up to TPT! I 100% agree that blogging and working on TPT has made me a better educator! I hope everything works out with your new home!

    Reading Royalty

  2. Good luck with finding the perfect, beautiful home! You are right about it being hard to find that home that meets of your needs. I hope you find your dream home soon.

  3. I love your dream of growing as an educator...As teachers, we really have to adopt the title of "Lifelong Learner" and continue growing in our profession!