CVC Words with a Technology Freebie

Consonant Vowel Consonant 
(CVC) words 
are HUGE in Kindergarten!

These are the words we want children to sound out! CVC words are so important and I spend lots of time teaching various phonics and phonemic awareness activities using them. 

Towards the end of the year, I noticed that my students were making careless mistakes while reading because they weren't looking at the entire word. I really wanted to revisit CVC words and remind them how important it is to look at the WHOLE word! I love any opportunity to incorporate technology, so this little activity was born! Students scanned the QR code on each picture card and decided if the word shown matched the picture and sorted accordingly.

There are tons of free QR Scanners available. I use i-Nigma on my iPod touches. I wrote a grant a few years ago on Donors Choose for my iPod touches and I have loved using them!

If you are interested in using this activity in your classroom, head to my TPT store to download it FOR FREE! : ) Just click the picture below! 

And I always love an educational bingo game! My class loved playing CVC Word Bingo! I wanted my students to have to read the words independently, so I used my document camera to display the word cards.They read each word and determined if they had the picture on their board. 

We played "black out BINGO" and of course the winner earned a trip to the prize box! 

I hope you can use theses resources to teach or review CVC words in your classroom!

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