Q and U's Dollar Store Wedding

What would I do without The Dollar Tree? On Friday, I hosted a small wedding for under $15! For Q and U, of course! : ) I have had a Q and U wedding every year I have taught and it really is one of the most memorable phonics activities of the year.And just about everything came from THE DOLLAR TREE! 

My first year teaching I bought a giant wooden Q and U to paint like a bride and groom. They have made it through three weddings! : )

These friends were anxiously awaiting the start of the wedding. I just tied tulle on each of their chairs and we arranged them in rows on the carpet. 

We even scattered flower petals, for $1! 

The reception was a hit! Everything was $1! The plates, the napkins, the silver cake plate, the cups and the tiny silver forks. And let me tell you, those tiny silver forks were the life of the party. They LOVED eating the wedding cake with those cute forks. The wedding cake was the only thing that didn't come from The Dollar  Tree. I really had to splurge $1.99 for 10 cakes at Target ; ) 

The wedding cake is super easy! Just stack Little Debbie cakes!

We even had little name tents to go on our tables for you guessed it...$1!

These friends delivered some cake to our principal!  

I also love making a quilt to give to Q and U as a wedding gift. Each child makes a square to use in the quilt. 

You can download this freebie in my TPT Store! Just click the picture! : )

I love planning fun events to teach! I especially love when everything can be found at The Dollar Tree! I hope this was a memorable day for my kids and that they remember that Q and U are together forever!


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  2. That was seriously an interesting wedding party!! Every kid looks so happy and seems they had enjoyed party so much. The wedding cake is really good, I am also going to book such yummy cake from a famous bakery for my reception party at Chicago venues. I am sure it will be a great event too.