And there is snow on the Texas! Something isn't right here...

Lexi is over it!

LISTENING: I have missed the entire season of Sister Wives! I figured I better catch the finale! It's such a strange thing, I could never share my man...

LOVING: OMG! Have you tried the new Tiramisu latte? Rarely do I try anything new at Starbucks, but I am hooked! 

THINKING: I worked at school 9:45 to 5 today! I am definitely looking forward to bedtime!

WANTING: We had two snow days last week, ugh! Bring on the sunshine!

NEEDING: My grocery list is growing! Maybe I will go at night and avoid the crowd!

SPRING BREAK PLANS: My husband officially moved to Dallas today. We are so excited to start this new chapter, but it sure is sad to be away from each other.After he got this job, we made the decision that I would stay to finish out the school year here. So we will be doing the long distance thing until May 31! Dallas is only 5ish hours away , so we will see each other most weekends. It's definitely still hard though. We also split the fur babies. Luke went with Tyler to Dallas and Lexi stayed here with me. Poor babies don't know what is going on! Luckily, we will be reunited for Spring Break and we will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary!!!!


  1. Happy, soon to be, anniversary! Your were a beautiful bride. Sounds like you and your hubby have a lot to look forward to. So nice to connect with you through this c"currently" links. Have a great week of school. Bring on spring!
    "Once a Mini-Wheat, Always a Mini-Wheat"

  2. Happy almost anniversary! I tried the tiramisu latte today...I loved it! Good luck with the rest of the school year- my husband and I did long distance for about a year and a half while we were engaged- it's tough! Hope May 31st comes super quickly for you!


  3. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and we haven't even had snow down here in South Texas. I hope that you have a wonderful first anniversary and that May 31st comes quickly. Being apart is hard, my husband and I spent our entire first year of marriage in different cities due to jobs, but it only made the time we had together that more special. Stay warm!


  4. I have a Starbucks giftcard, so I'll have to try that Tiramisu Latte! I'm usually at school from 7AM-5PM so I'm definitely ready for bed after dinner!! haha Sunday night seems to be the best for grocery shopping! It's so empty then!

    Happy almost anniversary! My boyfriend and I did long distance for a year (and we were different countries for 2 months and then a 5 hour plane ride away for the rest!) and it was definitely hard but so worth it in the end! I hope you enjoy your first visit during Spring Break!!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  5. I just found and LOVE your blog! I am a fellow teacher in the metroplex and I am moving back to Kinder next year! When you make the move we can be blogging buddies and you will love Dallas!!

    Mrs. Hudgens Hears a Who

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