Valentine's Day in Review

I can't believe Valentine's Day has already come and gone! I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day, and not just because it is my birthday too! It is just such a sweet holiday! : ) This year I also discovered a new favorite book...

Find it on Amazon HERE.

I just love, love, LOVE this book! It is a real tear jerker too! We used this book for a few different things. First, we used to to discuss characters and their actions. Mr. Hatch is a great character and he is easy for students to understand and identify with. We made a Mr. Hatch and wrote about him. 

Next, we wanted to spread some Valentine cheer! In the story, Mr. Hatch receives a valentine with the note, "Somebody Loves You." It completely changes his life and brings him so much joy. We wanted to bring joy to others  by letting them know that someone loves them too! For our special valentines, each child had a package of the Little Debbie heart cakes. I liked using  these because they have two small cakes in each package. So the students had one to eat and one to share. They put their heart cake into a Valentine ziploc bag with a note that said, "Somebody Loves You." 

We brainstormed ideas of who they could share their valentines with. They were really excited to give it away!

The next day for writing, everyone wrote about who they gave their valentine too and how it made them feel. It was a great way to teach the power of kindness! I will definitely be keeping this activity in my Valentine's Day plans!

My students also enjoyed Valentine themed math tubs! Here are a few pictures of the activities. Everything pictured can be found in my Heart to Heart Valentine Math Centers and Printables.

We reviewed building numbers to 20.

My students really enjoyed this spin on the roll and cover game. They roll two dice, add the numbers together and build a tower to match on their board! It hits so many skills in one game! : )

This is a tricky one! Students have to sort addition facts according to their sum. 

 Practicing our addition facts!

And finally, writing addition facts to 10 using ten frames. 

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Feel free to pin any of these ideas to save for next year! : ) 

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