Coin Grocery Store

It is so fun to plan a lesson that your students are over the moon excited about. This year I wanted to up my coin teaching game and create a hands on grocery store. My students absolutely LOVED it! I put a lot of thought into how to set up the grocery store to make sure that meaningful learning was occurring and that I was addressing my specific TEKS. I decided to put all of my activities and preparation in a packet to share with you! It includes everything you need to set up a grocery store to teach coins. In the packet I go through the entire process of planning, setting up and the actual activity! 

Here is a little peek into our Coin Grocery Store...

At the beginning of the week, I asked parents to send any empty grocery boxes to use in our grocery store. We spent the week learning about each coin and it's value. We created an anchor chart, sorted and graphed coins.

This coin sorting mat is included in the packet too! : )

On Friday, it was time for the big grocery store! My students used coins to shop and then matched the coin up to each item. 

They also created a little receipt to tell me all of the items that they purchased.

This sounds really silly, but I always gage my student's engagement in an activity on the number of students who need to use the bathroom. Of course, students naturally have to use the bathroom sometimes BUT many times they are using the bathroom as an excuse to take a little break. I have noticed that when students are really engaged in a lesson or activity, they don't want to miss anything so they usually don't ask to go potty. Let's just say all of my learners were so engaged in this activity that we had no one in the bathroom! : ) 

I am really proud of this product because I am not simply giving you worksheets or centers. I am giving you the tools to plan an engaging learning activity for your students! I hope that you will check it out and think about using a grocery store to teach coins!

Stay warm! : )

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