Snowman Math Centers

Texas Girl can't hang! I am so over the cold, ice and freezing rain. I finally ventured out today and nearly suffered frost bite. However, it did put me in the mood to create my newest product on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I created these activities with my Kinders in mind. Here are the included games:

Snowman Building: Students will build snowmen by matching a number, number word and ten frame. Numbers 1 to 20 are included, plus a chart to help students who may be unable to read number words. 

More and Less Snowman Sort: Students will compare numbers to 20 using this fun Snowman and Snowgirl activity. 

Snowman Shuffle: Students will fill in missing numbers in a given set to 20.

Roll and Build: Students will roll two dice and add the numbers together. They will find the sum on their board and build a tower of unifix cubes to match that number.

Frosty Frames: These ten frames can be used for a variety of games. I usually pair mine with dice and holiday erasers. Students will roll the dice (or 2 or 3) and build the number. 

Sneaky Snowflakes: Students will fill in the missing number in each addition problem (to 10)

These centers will be a great way for us to review numbers 0 to 20! Now I just need to get them laminated, cut and bagged! If you would like to use this product in your classroom CLICK HERE.

Stay warm! : )

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