Sight Word Snowball FREEBIE

 After a long COLD week, we are finally starting to get back in the groove! I am here today to share a quick winter writing activity. I added this to my writing center this week and my kids have LOVED it, plus it was a great way to review those first semester sight words. 

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First, I ordered a HUGE set of white snowballs (aka ping pong balls) from Amazon!

You can get 144 white ping pong balls HERE for cheap! Who knew?! I have also seen them at dollar stores before too!

Then, I just wrote a sight word on each snowball and put them in a bucket I had in my classroom. 

 Students had to grab a snowball, read the word and write the word on their recording page. EASY!

We also decided colorful snowballs were fun, so they could color too!

You can download a FREE copy of the Sight Word Snowball Activity HERE

This week also enjoyed our Snowman Math Centers.

We have also been learning about matter! We had a special snack on Friday to review solids, liquids and gases. 

We made Purple Cows, which is just a root beer float with grape soda! The ice cream is the solid, the grape soda is the liquid and you can see the gas bubbles in the fizz. We also discussed how solids can change. The ice cream eventually melted and turned into a liquid.

We labeled our Purple Cow snack in our science journal. It was a hit!

The great idea came from Hope King. You can read her blog post on teaching matter HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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