Jamming in January and a FREEBIE

It pains me to type this, but Bear Week was a BUST! : ( Bear week is one of my favorites all year long. Unfortunately, this year my body decided to fail I spent the entire week in bed. And I literally mean in bed. All of our furniture is already in Dallas, so the couch wasn't even an option! I finally turned back into a human on Friday and made an appearance at school for the final day of Bear week...

Everyone brought their favorite bear to share. 

They wrote about their teddy bear using descriptive words.

We also graphed gummy bears. They LOVED this! 

This FREEBIE is available HERE from My Teachers Pay Teachers Store. If you download, please leave feedback! : ) 

Luckily, last week we did get in some polar bear action!

These cute polar bears came from First Grade Blue Skies. You can find them FREE right HERE.

We also celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions. 

I LOVE this MLK craft. 

"I have a dream that my brother would not get sick. I don't want my sister to throw up. I have a dream that my mom would always be happy." This little friend is the sweetest!

 "I have a dream everyone will have water. I have a dream everyone will have food. I have a dream everyone will not die. I have a dream kids can go to school. I have a dream I have a job, I have a dream everyone has a school box." So sweet!

These make me smile! : )

This sweet friend even brought cupcakes to celebrate MLK's birthday on January 15. She wanted to get black and white cupcakes and put them next to each other since we could all be friends. Aweee! We even sang happy birthday to MLK! Someone even said, "It's kind of like baby Jesus. He isn't alive, but we can celebrate!" 

Next week is PENGUINS! : ) Happy Saturday!

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