It Was Love at First Sight Valentine Freebie

Looking for a cute and easy valentine to give your students this year? Look no further...

These FREE Valentine Printables can go with a variety of things.

 Sunglasses! These came from Dollar Tree.

Kaleidoscopes! Walmart had 8 packs of miniature kaleidoscopes for $2!

I hope you can use this FREEBIE! Just click the picture below to download it from TPT! 

I have been working really hard this weekend to get some of my "crafty" things finished because my days in this house are numbered! We will close on our house here NEXT WEEK, but all of our stuff is in Dallas. Hubby will move in March and then I head that way after the school year ends! We will be "homeless" the month of February. Luckily, my mom is taking us in! : ) 

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