Field Trip Time

Today we went on the coolest field trip to the new children's library. The best part? It is so close that we can walk there! Currently, the library is featuring the Arthur and Friends exhibit from the Boston Children's Museum. It was so neat and really brought the Arthur series to life! Now if only I could go to I Teach K and hear Marc Brown speak...

The exhibit featured different scenes from the books like The Read Family Kitchen, Mr. Ratburn’s Classroom, and the Backyard Sleepover. It was so cool! If you ever have a chance to see the exhibit, you must!  Here are a few pictures from the field trip...

These are pictures from the classroom and library area.

The library book check out station was a hit!

 We even got to be on Arthur's TV Show!

The live audience!

The Kitchen

The campout!

The bus spot

 Everyone got their picture taken with the characters!

We made character puppets too!

11 DAYS Y'ALL!!!
 I am definitely counting down! I feel like my summer break this year is much deserved with the stress and craziness I have been through this year! : )


Muffins with Mom Ideas

I think I survived one of the busiest weeks of my life! May is always crazy, but this week seemed especially nuts. Friday we had our big Muffins with Mom breakfast. My theme was cupcakes and "Mom, you are the sweetest." Everything turned out super cute and I think the moms enjoyed it. Check out an updated version of all of these activities HERE. 

This was our little invitation. Super simple and the kids just filled in the details. 

These little cupcakes were a pretty simple gift for the kids to make their mommies. They chose Skittles or M&Ms and poured a small cup full into a clear treat sack. I used twisty ties to close the bag and then cut off the extra. Then I just turned it upside down put it in the liner.The cupcake liners collapse really easily, so I cut off the bottom part of a styrofoam cup and hot glued it to a little stack on cupcake liners. It helped hold it all together and keep the shape.  A little red pom pom makes a perfect cherry on top too!


Now on to the tables!
I love fresh flowers but, they die and someone always knocks the vase over and it makes a horrible mess. This year I made giant cupcakes. 

I bought a set of hanging puff balls in pink, lime green and turquoise. I just fluffed them out and tried to make one side flat so that they would sit on the base. Then I hot glued pom poms all over it. For a cherry I found a giant red pom pom and hot glued a brown pipe cleaner out of it. I had a hard time getting the cherry to sit on the top, so I hot glued it onto a pencil and shoved it in last. TA DA!

The cupcake base is just a plastic plant saucer. 99 cents at my local plant nursery! Then I just spray painted it white. It was super easy!

On the tables the kids put the goodies for their mamas. Everyone made a big cupcake envelope and filled it a portrait, information about their mom (mostly inaccurate) and a sweet letter.

This friend loved sprinkles : )

Look at this cute Texas Tech mommy!!

I liked this mom too! 

These were hilarious to read!!!

And this was the most precious letter! 

I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day! : )

 I would love to see pictures if you do anything special for moms at your school too! Check out all of these activities on TPT HERE. 


Buggy for the TPT Sale

It's time...

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and which means it's time for the big TPT Sale! I love moving things from my wish list to my shopping cart! : ) Make sure you head on over the my store and see what goodies you might need. I am especially excited about my brand new Bugs and Butterflies Mini Math and Literacy Unit. We just wrapped up our unit and my kids loved all of the included activities.

Happy Shopping! : )

May Currently

I can't believe it's already May, but no complaining here! : ) 
I always love joining in on Farley's currently.

LISTENING: Do yall watch Eric and Jessie on E!? I am (creepy) obsessed with them! They are just so funny and perfect. Plus, Jessie is also obsessed with Jessica Simpson and dogs and I am pretty sure we could be best friends if we ever met. Tonight is the season finale. Praying for season 3! : ) 

Jessie is also a singer so I am jamming to her new EP. Love her!

LOVING: The warmer weather! I am always ready in the spring for some sunshine. Tomorrow is suppose to be 100 degrees! Bring it on!

THINKING: I am about to place my final Scholastic Book Order for the school year. I am plotting how to spend my bonus points! : )

WANTING: I am DYING to reorganize and clean out my classroom! I had my smartboard reinstalled a month or so ago and they took my giant white board away forever. WAHHH! Anyways, I had to take everything off of my beautiful wall...the calendar, the alphabet, the hundreds chart, everything! AND, when they took my board they ripped the paint too, grrr. Long story short, I didn't put everything back up for a month because they are suppose to come and repaint anytime. So, this walls looks yucky and I am dying to get it all put back together and reorganize for next year! 

NEEDING:A pedicure! It's sandal season, enough said  : )

SURPRISE: Texas follows the TEKS, not Common Core. SO, sometimes it can be tricky to find resources for the TEKS. Dixie at Teachin' Little Texans has an AMAZING resource that I literally use daily! She has all of the kindergarten TEKS on handy (and cute) little cards. I have them all in a binder and reference them constantly when writing plans. They are perfect and the pictures are super helpful when quickly looking for a standard! If you teach Kindergarten in Texas you need her TEKS Cards. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!