Welcome to the Circus and School Supply Organization

I thought this day would never come! My classroom is finally ready for Kindergartners to arrive! I am excited to show you these pictures. I apologize because the quality is not great : ( I have been wanting a new camera for a while now, but I was holding off in case I was lucky enough to win the Blog Hoppin scavenger hunt. Bummer! Now I'm waiting for Christmas..hint hint Santa...

Welcome to my Classroom!

Here is your view from the door!

My calendar area.

My white board with center choices, table points and lunch graph.The Number Line Math is from my latest funded Donor's Choose grant. I can't wait to add it into my daily routines!


Here is a close up of my cute cubby labels:
I packed their name labels on 4x6 polka dot scrapbook paper. It really brightened them up!

Daily 5 CHAMPS and T-charts. My word work center is right below. Students take the tub then find the corresponding colored circle in the room.

Popcorn Words! Thank goodness for my brother the architecture major. He got my popcorn buckets lined up perfectly! The colored pieces of paper are labeled by each six weeks. I am going to post a picture of the kids who are in the Popcorn Words Club that six weeks. You can be in the Popcorn Words Club by learning all of the taught popcorn words AND you get a popcorn and juice snack! SO EXCITING : )

Classroom Library : ) 

I am really excited to have a nice, big writing center this year! We will add a writing ideas anchor chart in a few weeks and then a chart of our classroom friends soon.

What's under my curtains? Dun...dun...dun...


 Drawers for guided reading materials

Other things we use all the time...

Can you tell how much I love the polka dot pencil graphics from Ashley Hughes?

This week I have also been busy organizing school supplies! In the hallway I put brown paper sacks labeled with each child's name. When they bring their supplies, they put them in the bag and then bring the bag into the classroom. It is really helpful so nothing gets lost or confused! 

I even assembled school boxes! I clear package taped crayon boxes in hopes of them holding up! 

I also gave out my little beginning of the year gifts to my team...

Microphones are so much fun!!!! I found the play glitter microphones at the party store and then just added a cute label. I think this would be a fun accessory for calendar time, the weather reporter, or even for first day introductions! 

T-Minus 3 days until the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! : ) I can't wait to get this school year rolling. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love your classroom!!!! We're using the same pencil boxes in my classroom have a great year

  2. Your classroom looks WONDERFUL! What a welcoming and inviting place for your students to learn! Love the glitter microphone- too cute!


  3. Where do I get the CHAMPS daily 5 posters?