Table Points

Back to School mode is in full swing over here! I have managed to destroy every room in our house with school projects, including the back porch! I have also been spending every spare moment in my classroom, buying things for my classroom, making things for my classroom or pinning things for my classroom. Can you relate? My craft room is looking like hoarders...

My first "official" day back is FRIDAY! Then, a week of professional development before my little pumpkins arrive on the 27th! So much to do in the mean time! 

I am stopping in to share one of the easiest classroom management techniques I use in my classroom. TABLE POINTS! This is in no way an "original" idea, but I made some new table goodies, so I am super excited about it! 

I have four tables in my classroom. I was going to take a picture, but then you would have for sure called the Hoarders show on me... Each table is a different circus animal. We have the Monkey Table, Elephant Table, Tiger Table and the Lion Table. Last year, I just taped the picture onto the table, but nasty crumbs snuck under the tape. SICK!  So this year, I made these precious little signs! 

 I found the frames at Micheal's for $2 a piece. Then I flashed my teacher badge and saved another 15%! Woohoo! The frames hold a 4x6 picture, so i just made my table signs that size and slid them in the frame.

Here is a close up of the signs:

The signs are double sided and will sit on each table. Now to the points part! I saved each sign graphic as an image and then pasted it onto the Table Points sign.

Then I put it through the all mighty laminator (which explains the glare, sorry!) so that I could use a dry erase marker on it. My school district serves breakfast in the classroom every morning, which means we have to clean up breakfast every morning. This system really helps my kids clean up after themselves. I turn on a song to signal breakfast clean up time. To earn a table point when the song ends, each of the following must be happen:

All breakfast trash (including straw wrappers) must be thrown away
Any spills must be cleaned up
Chairs must be pushed in 
No one can be at the table

When the song ends I check each table and the tables who followed the rules above earn a point. The first table to 10 points usually earns lunch with me!  Last year my kids got so excited and competitive about it that someone planted a straw wrapper on another table!!! : O We had a big talk after that one... Tables can also earn points when everyone at their table is following directions, working quietly or showing me great team work! I have always loved table points because it really fosters the importance or working together and helping each other out! I can't wait to use my little signs this year too. Hopefully, I can find my real tables under all of the stuff in my room, eek : ) Pray for me!


  1. I am obsessed with those adorable signs! Off to Michaels! LOL!