Smart Cookie Labels and Back to School Sale Time

Hello August! 

This morning I finished my easy little birthday gifts I am going to give to my kids this year. I am so excited to have them ready to go!I have everything ready to go for you too! 

 First I bought a pack of cookies at my favorite store, Sam's Club.

I'm sorry I ripped into the box before taking a picture. You could also buy the package of Famous Amos cookies too. I just decided that I was going to let my kids choose what type of cookie they wanted. After all, it is their birthday...

Next, I printed labels to go on the cookie packs. The labels are a little bit bigger than the smaller packs of cookies, but fit great on the Chips Ahoy and Oreo packs. 

Use Avery 5163 labels for printing. I bought a giant pack of these at Sam's Club too. Click HERE to download your FREE labels. Just write your name by the heart!

Now just stick the labels on the cookie packs and you are finished! If you wanted to, you could stick the label to a piece of colored paper and then tie it around the cookies with a ribbon. I just wanted to keep it easy! :)

Put them in a bin and you are ready to go! Now I just have to put them somewhere where I won't be tempted to eat them! 

Also, tomorrow kicks off the giant TPT Back to School Sale! 

Everything in my store will be ON SALE! This is a great time to stock up for the school year and move products off of your wish list and into your cart! Click the picture above to see who else is on sale! 
Happy Shopping!


  1. Such a fun birthday gift idea. I love that you can have them all ready now for later. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Cute! Wish I had seen this before I'd made my birthday treats- I'm doing the pixie stick balloons. Pinning this for next year!


  3. Cute idea! I give a new box of crayons and a happy birthday color by number sheet. :)