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I love finding new products to use in my classroom that make my life a little bit easier! : ) For the past year I have been toying with the idea of creating carpet bags for my class. We use white boards together on the carpet almost daily and it's such a pain (and waste of time) to regather these materials all the time. I would love to have bags already put together with a white board, dry erase markers and an eraser. Plus, I think my kids would take better care of their stuff knowing that they are stuck with it a while : ) The biggest problem I have had with my carpet bag idea was storage. I don't have a space to hang 20+ bags! So, seat sacks seemed like my best option. It would be perfect for every kid to have their own bag hanging on their chair, plus they could use the materials at their seats and during center time too! I was sold! Then, I started looking at seat sack prices. YIKES! Plus seat sacks are designed to stay on a chair, so bringing  supplies to the carpet would still be a pain.  Then, I met my perfect match...

These bags are exactly what I have been looking for! The are sold in sets of 4 and 5 and come in many different colors! My classroom is full of my primary colors, so this is the perfect set for me!

I love the slide in name slot so that student names could be changed from year to year. The best thing about these bags is that they have an elastic strap so that they can be easily stored on a chair!

They also come in different sizes. I have the 12x14 size in my classroom. They are perfect for carpet bags!

The zipper pocket is  a wonderful addition and helps keep things organized! These bags would also be perfect to go on chairs at the guided reading table to hold supplies or for older students who switch classes!

I absolutely love this product and so does everyone else! These are on back order until October, but have no fear! I have TWO sets of Pack-N-Reads to give away below plus a special deal!

Two winners will receive a...

PLUS...Shop at Steps to Literacy now through November 15,2014 and receive a discount!

ENTER BELOW! Good luck! : )

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  1. I'm so excited about these. They match my classroom color scheme too :) I'd like to use them to organize my daily small group math materials and manipulatives.

  2. Wow! These are a dream come true for all teachers! I would probably use them for take home book bags or to take home special assignments, or at each station to hold supplies, or, actually, I can can go on and on! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. I would use these books for my students' guided reading books, to keep them safe & organized. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I would use these bags for guided reading groups. I love the bright colors!

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  6. I would use these bags for my math center stations...these are great!

  7. These would be great for the children to keep their clip boards in and they would save a lot of time to not have to pass out the clip boards! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. The book bags would be very useful to me as a new teacher. I could use them to hold white boards, clip boards, and other things that students need every day. It would definitely help save time. Thank you and keep up the wonderful blog posts!

  9. Super idea..for keeping EVERYONE organized.

  10. I would use these bags to send books home each week. I think that the books are returned more when they are sent home in a special bag.

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