ABC Classroom Handbook

I have always had a Classroom Handbook that explains how everything runs in my classroom. I created a Classroom Handbook (HERE is the post) my first year and then it has been easy to just tweak it a little bit every year. It was easiest for me to organize it in ABC form. Plus, at the end I added a few pages on classroom management and CHAMPS. Here are the pages in my Classroom Handbook:

I hole punch all of the pages shown above and place them in a folder. This year I chose to put all of my handbooks in yellow folders I hoarded found at Office Depot

In the front pocket I put important papers that need to be filled out...

A student information page (see below)
A classroom volunteer Form (see below)
 A Donors Choose permission slip (this saves me lots of time when a project gets funded)
A school supply list (this is mainly for any new students that come in after the year has started)

Here is a close up of the student information and classroom volunteer forms:

Then I just add a label to the front of the handbook and it's ready to go!

My Classroom Handbook makes it really easy to give information about my classroom to new students. I always make a few extras to have ready to go. It also an easy thing to go over at beginning of the year conferences or have waiting on student's table spots at Meet the Teacher Night!

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