Teacher School Supply Storage

I have officially started hoarding school supplies for the 2014- 2015 school year. I just get a thrill out of having new markers, pens, highlighters, scissors, colored pencils and post its for the school year. I guess I could be addicted to worse things ; ) Here is some of the damage:

I like to have all of the school supplies I need in my teacher bag. I always have my teacher bag with me, so that means I always have any other supplies I might need too. I have been on the hunt for a supply bag to put all of my wonderful new school supplies in. When this jumped out in front of me...

I freaked out when I found this mustache cat lunchbox at Target!! Isn't it the most precious thing you have ever seen? I just HAD TO HAVE it. Then it dawned on me! This would be the perfect thing to store all of my teacher supplies in! Then I could just keep it in my teacher bag!

Everything fits perfectly and it's all in one zipped up spot! AND I get to show off my precious lunchbox of school supplies. Meow : ) 


  1. Cute! Never thought to use a lunchbox as a school supply organizer.


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