Planning for Math & Vocabulary Cards Give Away

I love planning for literacy! Guided reading groups, interactive writing, read alouds, phonics...I LOVE IT! Math? Not as much...Kindergarten math is fun compared to calculus (gag), but I just don't have the same passion for it as I do for reading. However, it's sort of growing on me! 

 Big, big, BIG changes are happening in Texas with Math. We have a brand spanking new set of Math TEKS. TEKS stands for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and they are the standards used by the state of Texas. So, we have all new resources and things to use!

 My biggest beef with math program is that they don't always do a good job of explaining vocabulary in an age appropriate way for young students. These are great for my ESL students too!

My Math Vocabulary Words includes around 120 different math words. Each word has a picture to go with it and an explanation of the concept. I am planning on having  a math wall (which will really be a cabinet) and adding new vocabulary words for each topic that we cover. I am so proud of myself for having these all cut and laminated already! 

Go me!

This set includes the following words: Count, number,zero,  one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty- three, twenty- four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, whole, part, none, more (than), fewer (than), same number as, compare, column, row, order, five frame, ten-frame, greater (than), less (than), double ten-frame, set, before, after, join, in all, add, plus sign (+), sum, equal sign (=), addition sentence, left, separate, take away, subtract, minus sign (-), difference, subtraction sentence, coin, penny, cent, cent sign, value, nickel, dime, quarter, cost, related fact, model, hundred chart, pattern, same (alike), different, sort, does not belong, circle, triangle, solid figure, cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, flat surface, balance scale, holds, length, longer, shorter, height, taller, weight, weighs, heavier, lighter, graph, survey, real graph, picture graph, most, fewest, earn, skill, gift, income, want, need, behind, between, beside, in front of, next to, above, below, in, out.

Would you like a copy of the Math Vocabulary Cards? Tell me what program you use for math and your email address.  I will email a copy for the first THREE comment-ers. But, I have been know to share with numbers 4 and 5 too... 
Good Luck! I look forward to hearing about how you teach math! 

Hope everyone is enjoying summer! And if you aren't on summer yet, God bless you...


  1. As a fellow Texas teacher I would love those fabulous vocabulary cards! I'm excited to attend the workshop this summer over the new Math TEKS!

  2. In the past, our district used Scott Foresman, Saxon & enVisions but now we make and use our own materials which incorporate ideas from other programs (because that is what we were trained in or taught with in the past) like Math Their Way, Number Talks, Everyday Counts, Debbie Dillar, Guided Math, Mcubed, literature in math, sites including k-5mathteachingresources and NCTM's Illuminations. We align with the Common Core standards. For me and my team, it works well because we have strong backgrounds in math instruction, read professional literature and follow great bloggers.

    Your Math Vocabulary Cards are definitely more appealing than the little ones for a Math Talk board. I always debate on how much board space will be devoted to Math Talk vs Word Walls and Concept Boards. This year, I used more space for Math because I found we referenced it more during lessons. I put the word wall into folders on their tables.

  3. I'm in Texas too! I teach 2nd grade and our school adopted the enVision 2.0 also. If your 2nd grade teachers have any ideas, please share those too! Thank you!


  4. I am also a Texas Kindergarten teacher and I LOVE these vocabulary cards. My district will be using Texas Go Math as our new adoption. I'm excited to attend a training next week to get a preview of our new materials.

  5. We use the NYS Common Core modules for math. Common vocabulary is stressed, but we have to ceate our own math word walls if we choose to use them. I truly appreciate all of the work you have put into making these vocabulary cards.

  6. We don't have a program. We're following Common Core but have to make our own. I'm so impressed by all you've done and would be so grateful to have your cards

  7. These look fantastic! We are using Envisions for the first year too. I am excited about it.

  8. Thanks so much everyone! I loved reading about how everyone plans for math! Check your inbox ladies : )

  9. We just put our Envisions out of adoption and are using our old Pearson as a supplement. Our new TE's have not arrived yet and we are NERVOUS! These cards are amazing! I would love to share them with my incoming class!

  10. We used Saxon Math, CSCOPE math, and now I'm not sure what they're using over in Kindergarten. We used Everyday Math last year in Pre-K and will be using the Frog Street Pre-K curriculum this upcoming year. Your math cards look AMAZING! I will have be adding them to my wish list- never to early to introduce vocab.

    Heather (

  11. I think you are in the same district as me. I'm excited to go to the trainings and see what we will be doing next year in Midland!


  12. We have used Saxon Math for the past 15 years. We have adopted envision Math 2.0 for next year. I would love your vocabulary cards even though I teach 3rd. We have lots of English language learners that need the vocab.

  13. I am in NYC and we are using EnVision. I hate it too that there are no vocabulary cards for teachers! I am currently teaching first grade and would love to use these vocabulary cads in my classroom!