Let's Talk About NON-FICTION Books

I'm pretty sure it's in the teacher job description to like books. Especially, if you teach little people! I am linking up with Deanna Jump for the We Love Books Linky Party! Click on the image to link up. 

This year I have really developed an appreciation for Kindergarten appropriate non-fiction books. 
The perfect non-fiction book for Kinders:
Has just the right amount of text. Some non-fiction books dddddrrrraaagggg oooonnnn and onnnnnnn, AHHHH! You know what I mean right? 
Includes"Real" and interesting pictures
Full of facts
Short, sweet and keeps the kid's attention

Meet my favorite non-fiction brand, Pebbles Plus. Capstone Press is the publisher of these books and every one I own is wonderful! Just look for this little logo on the bottom right corner of the book. 

 Click HERE to see the complete list of Pebbles Plus books. 
These books are very expensive off of the publisher's website, however Amazon has many of the books for under $7 and Scholastic sells these books too! You can buy entire sets for around $10! A few weeks ago I got a set of 5 books on clearance for $3. So keep your eyes peeled!

Here are a few of my favorite Pebbles Plus books:

 The cover on this book is just precious!

 We do a big duck and chick unit in the Spring. This is one of my favorite books to go with my unit. I even used it on my formal observation this year!

 I bought the entire spring set on Scholastic last Spring! It's great for teaching about the season and plants.

I bought the plant parts set of books from Scholastic too! Each book really does a great job of breaking down plant parts for little ones to understand.

You will get addicted to these non-fiction books! I have quite the collection going. Let me know if you have any questions or good finds : ) 
Have a happy Tuesday!

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