Field Trip Time

Today we went on the coolest field trip to the new children's library. The best part? It is so close that we can walk there! Currently, the library is featuring the Arthur and Friends exhibit from the Boston Children's Museum. It was so neat and really brought the Arthur series to life! Now if only I could go to I Teach K and hear Marc Brown speak...

The exhibit featured different scenes from the books like The Read Family Kitchen, Mr. Ratburn’s Classroom, and the Backyard Sleepover. It was so cool! If you ever have a chance to see the exhibit, you must!  Here are a few pictures from the field trip...

These are pictures from the classroom and library area.

The library book check out station was a hit!

 We even got to be on Arthur's TV Show!

The live audience!

The Kitchen

The campout!

The bus spot

 Everyone got their picture taken with the characters!

We made character puppets too!

11 DAYS Y'ALL!!!
 I am definitely counting down! I feel like my summer break this year is much deserved with the stress and craziness I have been through this year! : )

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  1. Oh my goodness...that is probably the most precious little exhibit I've ever seen! What a fun looking field trip!